New on Popcornflix (on Fire Stick)

PatrickI’ve wrestled with how to present this since I can’t provide links to the movies (and this site is after all about movies online) but Popcornflix has added several movies that are available via my Amazon Fire Stick (and presumably other streaming devices but I can’t vouch for those). However, they aren’t searchable on their website, so I can only assume they aren’t making them available to their Web application.

But seeing as I’ve already mentioned Hulu’s Free HBO Preview, which looks like it has similar web-availability issues, I feel I should mention that Popcornflix has added the very-hard-to-find Ozploitation classics PATRICK, THE SURVIVOR and THIRST, plus 22 BULLETS, ALL THE WILDERNESS, DEATH KAPPA, EASY MONEY – HARD TO KILL, A TURTLE’S TALE – SAMMY’S ADVENTURE, and ZOEY TO THE MAX.

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