New on TubiTV for September 26, 2020

24 Hours

3 Beauties

Abner the Invisible Dog


Albert Fish: In Sin He Found Salvation

All of Me – Llévate Mis Amores

American Criminal

American Force 3: High Sky Mission

American Mummy

Amy Winehouse

Animals (2012)

Another Plan from Outer Space

Anthony Davis – Eat Around It

The Apache Kid’s Escape

The Armor of Light

Atomic Apocalypse

Beware of Angels

Bloody Knuckles

The Border Menace

The Border Patrolman

Born Again (2015)

The Brand of Hate

The Buckskin Lady


Capture Kill Release

Chances (2013)


Conflict of Wings

The Cure (2012)

Dead Men Walking

Diffability Hollywood

Dionne Warwick – Music Will Keep Us Together





Eating Ourselves to Death

El Cap Report

Family of Lies

Fatal Flip

Festive Fireplace

The Field Afar

Frankenstein Reborn

Go Big or Go Home

God Has a Rap Sheet

Good Kids

Good Monsters

Greetings from Tromaville!

Greg Warren: Where the Field Corn Grows

Historias De La Vida 2

House of the Rising Sun (1987)

How to Make It in Hollywood

I, Anna

I Am the Blues

Ice (2011)


Jake & Jack

Lady Belladonna Tales from the Inferno

Latin Quarter – Live from London

LEGO DC Super Heroes: Batman Be-Leaguered

LEGO Marvel Superheroes: Avengers


LEGO Marvel Super Heroes: Maximum Overload

Lights in the Sky

Little Richard – Legends in Concert

Live Hard

Love and a Tragedy


The Man Left Behind

Marked Man

Mary Loss of Soul

My Pure Joy

Napoleon Life of an Outlaw

Neil Sedaka – Legends in Concert

Nelson Mandela: One Man


Nursery Rhyme Favorites



One Hit from Home

Outlaws of the Range

A Perfect Plan

Poltergeist Americano (Sub Esp)

Propaganda (2012)


A Quiet Place to Kill

Radio Silence

Rat a Tat Doggy Don in Egypt

Resort Paraíso

Riders of the Sage

Roamin’ Wild

Romeo and Juliet (2018)

Rustlers on Horseback

RWBY: Volume 4

Saddle Mountain Roundup

San Fernando Valley

Santa Fe Marshal

Santa’s Boot Camp

Saving Face

Sex, Drugs, Design: Warriors of the Discotheque

Shattering the Silence

Shootout at Big Sag

Shot! The Psycho-Spiritual Mantra of Rock

Sicario (1996)

Six-Gun Rhythm (Aka Rhythm Rides the Range)

South of Santa Fe

Southwest Passage

Springtime in the Rockies

Stolen from the Suburbs

Straight Shooter


Sundown Saunders

Surfing with the Enemy

Surviving Sandy Hook

Take Me Back to Oklahoma

The Temptations – Legends in Concert

Tiger Raid

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers: Runnin’

Down a Dream

Top Guns: The Documentary

Torchlighters: The John Wesley Story

Torchlighters: The Robert Germain Thomas Story

Traci Townsend

Transference (2020)

Vice Academy 4

Vice Academy 5

Victor (2017)

Visions of Abolition

Waiting Room (Español)

Wasteland (2020)

We Are the Flesh (Español)

West of the Badlands

West Point Paintball

When a Man’s a Man

Where’s the Money?

Whistlin’ Dan

Wild Horse (Aka Silver Devil)

Without Honors

A Wolf at the Door

Word Slingers: The Story of Self-Publishing

The World’s Greatest Airlift: Berlin ’48

Wrangler’s Roost



Young Buffalo Bill

Young Guns of Texas

New & Free on VUDU for September 22, 2020


1 Must Fall

101 Jokes from


Comedy Stars

1275 Days


3 Hours Till Dead

60 Seconds to Die 2

7 Deadly Sins

7 Guardians of the Tomb

Aaron’s Blood

Accidental Exorcist

After She Wakes

All Through the House

Along Came the Devil

Along Came the Devil 2

Alpha Wolf

Amigo Undead

Among Thieves

Anarchy Parlor

Anyone Home?

As Night Falls


Bad Kids

Beast of the Water

Bigfoot Girl

Black Widows

The Blackout



Bus Party to Hell

Call Me King

The Cat and the Moon

Chasing Molly

Chastity Bites

City of Dead Men



Dark Beacon

A Dark Place

Desolation (2018)

Diana Krall: Live in Paris

Diana Krall: Live in Rio

The Doors: Feast

of Friends

Dream Theater: Live at

Luna Park

Enemy Within

The Everly Brothers:

Reunion Concert –

Live at the Royal

Albert Hall

The Field (2019)

Fractured (2015)

Frank Sinatra: A

Man and His


Frank Sinatra: A

Man and His

Music + Ella &


Frank Sinatra: A

Man and His

Music with the

Count Basie


Frank Sinatra:

Concert for the


Frank Sinatra:

The Main Event

Grace Is Gone

The Hollies: Look

Through Any

Window 1963-


The Honor Farm

Jackson Browne:

Going Home

Kiss Rocks Vegas

The Mandela Effect

The Matthew

Shepard Story

Mercy Christmas

Paul McCartney &

Wings: Rockshow

Prey (2019)

Produced by

George Martin

The Rolling

Stones: Totally



The Secret Life of

Lance Letscher

The Summoning

The Tombs

Use Me

Vegas Baby

Victims (2019)

New on TubiTV for September 18, 2020

The 2020 FOX Fall Preview


50 Cent: Rise Above

A Mata Negra (The Black Forest)


Act Naturally

Aldous Huxley and the Brave New World

Alien Contact: The Pascagoula UFO Encounter

All About Lily Chou-Chou

American Federale

And Then You Die!

Angelina Jolie: Skin Deep

Assault on El Capitan

The Attic (2007)

Audrey Hepburn: The Magic Of

The Ayrton Senna Story: Unauthorized and


Bad Magic

The Badger Game

Barack Obama: His Story


BB King the Life of Riley

Beast of the Yellow Night

Beverly Hills on Ice

Beyonce: Shine

Big Showdown (Aka Kung Fu Massacre)

Bin Laden: War on Terror

The Bishop’s Wife

Blur: At the Zénith, Paris

Bottled Up: The Battle Over Dublin Dr. Pepper

Breaking the Press

Breaking the Surface

The Breed (2006)

Bruce the Super Hero (Aka Super Hero)

Captain Black

Chain of Death

The Charnel House

Chin Sha Yen

The City of Your Final Destination

Clint Eastwood: Steel Gaze

Convincing Clooney

Cristiano Ronaldo: The Portuguese Prodigy

Crownsville Hospital: From Lunacy to Legacy

Crucifixion Quake


Cuentas Por Cobrar

Daggers 8

Dalai Lama: Enlightened

Darla’s Book Club: Discussing Harry Potter

David Beckham: Stamina

David Beckham: The Rise and Rise of Beckham

Daydream Believers

Death Valley Aliens

Demolition and Destruction

Desconocidos – the Unknown

Diana Princess of Wales: Everlasting


The Divide (2020)

The Double Born

The Dragon the Hero

Eagle’s Killer

Eddie Pepitone: For the Masses

Edo. G: I Got to Have It

Elvis – the Missing Years

Elvis Presley: Lives On

Empire Rise and Fall

Escape (2006)

Escape from Darwin


Evolution of Evil

The Experience (2019)

The Fastest Delorean II

The Fifth Floor

The Fight of Our Lives – Defeating the

Ideological War Against the West

The First Nine Months Are the Hardest


Fox Force

Fuel Cleveland

George Harrison – The Quiet One

A Good Dream

Gregory Porter

Gunpowder Treason and Plot


He Has Nothing But Kung Fu

A Holiday Boyfriend

How to Catch a Serial Killer

I Am Dina

Icy Riders

Incredible Story of the Giant Pear

The Inner Weigh

Instant Kung Fu Man

Jay Z: Free Force

JFK: The Assassination

John Lennon – the Messenger

Jumbo 2

KAKA: A Legend in the Making

The Kennedy Legacy

Kent State

Kid Brainiac: The Solar System

A Kiss on Candy Cane Lane

Kylie Minogue: Evolution of a Pop Princess

Lady Belladonna Night Shades


Las Vegas Story (2020)

The Legend of Swee’ Pea

Lennon & Harrison – Guitars Gently Weep

Lewis Hamilton: Unauthorized and Complete

Life (2019)


Live the Dream: The Texas Longhorns

Magical March to the 2005 National


Lost Padre Mine

Lycan ColonyMadonna: Crystallize

Making Lemonade: Our COVID-19 Story

Man With the Gun (Aka the Deadly Peacemaker)

Manchester United: We Are United

Mancini, the Motorcycle Wizard

Margaret Thatcher: Not for Turning

Martha Reeves – Legends in Concert

Michael Jackson: A Tribute

Michael Jackson: Devotion

Michael Schumacher: The Red Baron

Michelle Obama: A First Lady of Style

Miley Cyrus: The World According to Miley

Miss Arizona

Missing 411: The Hunted

Monster Class

The Monster of Camp Sunshine

Mother Goose World: Jack and the Beanstalk

The Mummy Rebirth

My Pal Trigger

Neil Armstrong: One Small Step

Oddbods Christmas – Jolly Holidays

One Armed Swordsmen

Only When I Laugh

Only You (2019)

Operation Anaconda: The Battle of Roberts’ Ridge

Operativo Diablo

Panhandle Trail

Paroled to Die

Partners (2009)

Peace Child

Perry Como – Legends in Concert

Peter Rabbit (2020)

Pets: Cattitude

Pink Wall

Pinto Canyon


Prince William: A Royal Life

Prince William: Destiny

Princesses of the World

The PsyBorgs


Public Cowboy No. 1

Pup School: Up in the Clouds

Queen Elizabeth II: End of a Reign

Queen Elizabeth II: Reign Supreme

Quiet Days in Clichy

Rainbow Valley

Rainbow’s End

The Raking

Range Warfare


Remembering 911


Return to Send’er


Riders of the West

Riding Motocross: Glover Style! With Broc Glover

Rio Rattler

Rise of the Footsoldier: The Heist

Rockwell – a Star Studded Extravaganza

The Rolling Stones: Rock of Ages

Service to Man

Seven Commandments of Kung Fu

Shadowplay (2007)

Sick: Survive the Night

Silent Night, Dead Night

Silver Lode

Simple Minds

The Smurfs and the Magic Flute

The Straun House



Tech Talk Time: Steve Jobs in 30 Minutes

Temblores (Tremors)

Things 5

Tiger Woods: Prodigy

The Times of Bill Cunningham

Tube Tales

Twilight Obsession

Two Evil Eyes

U2: A Rock Crusade

Until They’re Gone

VHS Nasty

The Virus

Viva Joe Strummer – the Clash and Beyond

Voice from the Stone

Vortex (2019)

White Odyssey

A Winding Road: A Ramble with Richard


Women of the World

XIII: The Conspiracy

Zac Efron and Friends: School’s Out

Zinedine Zidane: Zizou the Great

New on TubiTV for September 12, 2020

12 Round Gun

30 Days Until I’m Famous


42 Grams

5 Seconds of Summer Up Close and Personal

545 Mad Maxx: 1970 Mustang Fastback


Act of War

Adventures in Public School

Air Force 2

Alien Agenda

Alien Contact

The Alpha Test

Always Faithful

American Black Beauty

American Force 2 – Untouchable Glory

American Force 4: Soldier Terminators

American Force 5: Mission Dynamo

American Force 6: Soldier Champion

American Meltdown

Another Shot

Attack of the Morningside Monster

Autopsy (1975)

B-Girl (2019)

Bad Stepmother


The Beast of Bray Road

Because of an Earlier Incident

Bienvenido Welcome

The Big Fix (2018)

Billy Owens and the Secret of the Runes


Blissfully Unmarried

Bloody Sin: Abominations of the Third Reich

Bob Dylan: Roads Rapidly Changing – In &

Out of the Folk Revival 1961-1965

Bob Dylan – After the Crash – 1966-1978


Boomtown (2017)

Boy Band

Bring Me an Avocado

The Buskers and Lou

The Candy Witch

Cannibal Collector

Capulina: Bueos Dias Acapulco

Capulina: El Bueno Para Nada

Carol of the Bells

The Cat O’Nine Tails

Chabelo y Pepito Contra Los Monstruos

Chabelo Y Pepito Detectives

Challenge of 5 Gauntlets

A Chance in the World

Child of Mine

Chill: The Killing Games


Colors of Heaven

The Colossal Failure of the Modern Relationship

Conjuring Book of the Dead

Contraband (1980)

Counterintelligence (2020)

Coven of Evil


Crimson Sands

The Cure Out of the Woods UnAuthorized

Darkest Edge

Deadly Strike Aka Breakout from Oppression


Devil’s Revenge

The Dinner (2017)

Dirt Bikes Unsung Heroes

Django Kill…If You Live, Shoot!

A Dog’s Courage

Don’t Fall Asleep

Donde Los Autos No Conducen

Down 2 Come Up

The Dragon Unleashed

The Dream Children

Edge of Extinction

El Babysitter (The Babysitter) (2013)

El Coyote

El Limpia Piscinas (The Poolboy)

El Derechazo

El Secuestro Del Penny (Doblado)

El Vampiro

Elite Real Estate Strategies with the Elite Strategist


An English Haunting

Escape to High Risk

Escuela Para Solteras


Evel Knievel (2004)

Extracurricular Activities

Fear Dot Com

Fight of Fury

The Final Countdown (Widescreen)

Fist & Furious

Fittest on Earth 2015

The Funny Farm (1983)

Funny Money (2006)

Getaway (2020)

The Ghost Galleon

Goin’ All the Way! (1981)

Grandpa’s Psycho


Halloween Songs for Kids

Healing River

Heights Girl 2

The Heretics

High Strung

Hitman the Cobra

How Long Will I Love You




Inner Ghosts

Intimate Affairs

Intimate Stranger

James Dean – Race with Destiny

Jana Mashonee & Mary Youngblood –

Songcatchers: The Gathering

Jimi Hendrix by Those Who Knew Him Best


Jolly Roger: Massacre at Cutter’s Cove

Jurassic Thunder

Kiss Me Deadly (2008)

The Kiss You Gave Me (El Beso Que Me Dista)

Kyrsyä – Tuftland

The Lake Vampire

The Last House

Last of the Warrens

Law and Lawless

Law Men

Law of the Lash

Law of the West (1932)

Lez Bomb

Life After Death: Cosmic Realms

Lightnin’ Bill Carson

Lightning Carson Rides Again

Little Lizard Gaming: Minecraft Dragons!

Lost Canyon

Love Between the Covers

Lucky Terror

Magma: Volcanic Disaster

Maldito Amor (Possessed Love)

Mama Ya Creci (Mom I’m a Big Boy)

Man from Cheyenne


Mannaja: A Man Called Blade

Marshal of Cedar Rock

Mason of the Mounted


Miles in the Life: The Story of a BMF Drug


The Miracle Maker

Miss Stevens

Mobile Homes

Mosquita Y Mari


New Mexico

Ninja Project Daredevils

North of Arizona

Nubes Rojas

Oath of Vengeance

Obreros Recuperan El Sueño Americano

Oklahoma Terror

Operator (2016)

Once Upon a Time in Deadwood

The Out 100 (2010)

Out of Control (1985)

Outlaw’s Paradise

Outlaws of Sonora



Panic at the Disco – the Theatre of the


Parody Movie

Part of Water

People You May Know (2017)

The Perfect Kiss

Phobia (2013)

Planet Raptor

Platoon: The Warriors

Project Blue Book Exposed


Quarantine Girl

Queen – Magic Moments Freddie Mercury

Quigley (Doblado)

Ready? OK!

Ready to Fly

The Real Macaw

Reality Queen

Red Spring

Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical

Rescue! Brooklyn: Sean Casey Animal Rescue

Restoration (2016)

Return of Black Monkey

Return of Fist of Fury

Run Man Run

Same Boat

Saving the Great Swamp: Battle to Defeat

the Jetport

Secret Ninja Roaring Tiger


Senior Escort Service

Served: Harvey Weinstein

Shadowlands (2020)


Sigue La Risa

Silent Night: Zombie Night

Sister Aimee

Skin: The Movie

Smiley Face

The Song of Sway Lake

Soul to Keep

South Beach

The Spearhead Effect

St. Agatha

The Stalker (2020)

Still Breathing

Take Two

Taxi (2015)

The Telling

This Is Our Home

Thou Shalt Laugh: Patricia Heaton

Thou Shalt Laugh, the Deuce: Tim Conway

Thou Shalt Laugh 4: John Tesh

Thou Shalt Laugh 5: Chonda Pierce


TK Kirkland: Who Raised You?

Tolerate This

Tomorrow, Maybe

Tony B: Day Drinker

Toque de Queda


A Tribute to Les Paul: Live from Universal

Studios Hollywood

Trouble in the Peace

Ultimos Dias de la Victima

Un Regalo Esencial


Valley Uprising

A Wakefield Project


Way of the Vampire

We Don’t Want to Make You Dance

Went to Coney Island on a Mission from

God…Be Back by Five

When a Killer Calls

The Whistler (2019)

New on TubiTV for September 6, 2020

#1 Fireplace

18 Shaolin Riders



25th Anniversary Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Concerts

36 Deadly Styles

4K Fireplace

666: A Demon Within

7 Men of Kung Fu

8 Slices

99 Cycling Swords

Aire Libre

All the King’s Men (2006)

All This Mayhem

All You Ever Wished For

Allure (Español)

American Animal

American Force 1 – the Brave Platoon

American Violence

And Then Came Lola

Aquel Septiembre

Arthur Newman

Audition (1999)


Bad Nun: Deadly Vows

Bajo Amenazar

Becoming Evil: Sisterhood of Murder

Becoming Traviata

The Best of L.A.A.F. Volume One

Beyond the Woods

The Blazing Temple

Bless Me, Ultima

Blink of an Eye (2019)


Born a Ninja (Aka Challenge of the Ninja)

Born Invincible

Brick City

Bruce Le’s Greatest Revenge


The Buddha Assassinator

California Split

Call Me Dragon

Camino a Bali (Doblado)

Canadian Strain

Candle in the Dark

Cártel De a Kilo

Cat and the City

Challenge the Dragon

Chilly Dogs

China in Ethiopia

Comando Élite


Crimenes De Lujuria


Crystal Fist (aka Jade Claw)

Dark Matter (2009)

Dark Water (2003)

Darkest Africa

Deadwood Pass

The Death and Resurrection Show



Der Samurai

Dinastía De La Muerte

Dirty Tiger, Crazy Frog

Disciple of the Shaolin Master (Adventure for Imperial Treasure)


Dragon Blood

Dragon Blows

Dragon From Shaolin (Brawl Busters)

Dragon Lee Fights Again (Aka Big Boss II)

Dragon’s Claws

Dragon’s Infernal Showdown

Duel of the Tough

Dynamite Ranch

Eagle vs Silver Fox

El Americano

El Cártel

El Juego

El Karma

El Renacer Del Erebo

El Secuestro De Anabel


Engine Trouble

Enthusiastic Sinners

An Everlasting Duel (aka Shui Yue Shi San Dao)

EX-Driver the Movie

EX-Driver the Movie English

Fatal Flying Guillotine

A Film Called Blacks Can’t Swim: My Journey My Story


Fire from Below

Fist Full of Talons (Aka A Fist Full of Talons)

Five Women in the End


Fuerza Polar

Fury of the Silver Fox (Aka Matching Escort)

Getting to Know William Steig

Ghoul School

Girl Named Iron Phoenix

Gold Constables (aka the Ninja Pirates)

Golden Dragon, Silver Snake (Aka Dragoneer 5: The Indomitable)

The Good Catholic

Guns and Guitars

Guys and Dolls


Head Case

Heart of Broadway: The Ensemble Behind Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS

Hero of Kwangtong

Hollywood Banker



The Human Element (2019)

The Hunter Legacy

Hunting Evil

I Am Not a Witch

I’m Here Too

Ice Breaker

If a Tree Falls

Instant Death

Intelegencia Militar

Interview (2007)

Invasión Robótica (Shockwave)

Invincible Armour

Invincible Iron Palm

Invincible Obsessed Fighter

Iron Monkey Strikes Back (Aka Duel at the Tiger Village)

Irrational Fear

Jackboots on Whitehall

Kung Fu Genius

Kung Fu Girl Fighter

Kung Fu Zombie

La Descarada

La Emperatriz

La Revancha

La Última Jugada

Lapland Odyssey

Le Voyageur

Legend of a Fighter


Little Glory

The Little Kidnappers (1991)


Lloyd Pye: Where Did We Come From?

Los Siete Malditos


Malevolence 2: Bereavement Director’s Cut

Martial Monks of Shaolin Temple

Mask of Vengeance

The Medicine Buddha

The Meeting Chronicles

Mellow Mud

Mentally Apart

Merci Bocuse

Michelle Obama: Life After the White House

Midnight Devils

Mind Over Murder

Mission of Justice

Muñecas Rotas

My Friend the Polish Girl

Mystery of Chess Boxing

Night of the Strangler

Ninja Wolves

Nirvana (2017)

No Chance

No One Would Tell

Northwood Pie

Nuclear Nightmares

Nueve Bares

The Nutcracker Ballet (2002)

Of Cooks and Kung Fu

Ogre (Español)

On the Road with

One Man’s Hero

One Foot Crane


Out in the Line-Up

Outta Town

The Overnight

Ozone (1994)

Paella Today

Panico en el Lago

Perfect Obedience

Persecution & The Gospel

Platoon of the Dead

Pobreza Bajo El Sol

Punto De Extremeño (Doblado)

Queens Logic

Rachel Gets Strange

Raiders of Buddhist Kung Fu

Randy’s Canvas

Reckless (2014)

Restoration of Paradise

The Return of Hunter: Everyone Walks in L.A.

Reunion (2014)

Revolt of the Dragon


Salt Water Aquarium

Saturday School

Savage Youth

Scotch: A Golden Dream

Secret of Shaolin Poles

A Secret Stream

Shallow Grave (1987)

Shaolin Brothers

Shaolin Red Master (aka Shaolin Tough Kid)

Shaolin Super Dragon

Shorebreak – the Evolution of Skimboarding

Sickies Making Films

Siempre Fuerte


Sink or Swim: Learning the Crawl in the Maldives

Siren’s Call

Soldado Imperial

Something in the Woods

Sowing in the Land Down Under

St. Augustine: Son of Her Tears

Stealing Cars

Story of Drunken Master

Strike of the Thunderkick Tiger

Super Ninja

Superior Youngster (Aka Karado: The Kung Fu Flash)


Swimsuit (1989)

Swipe Club

Thomasine and Bushrod

Tooth Fairy: The Root of Evil

Torchlighters: The Corrie ten Boom Story

Tough Guy (Aka Revenge of the Dragon)

Two Crippled Heroes

Two Fists Against the Law

Un Hombre Con Rabia

Una Casa Con Diez Pios

Undaunted Wu Tang


Vibration (2020)

The Victim (1980)


The Void (2017)

Win Them All

The Wise Kids

Wolf Devil Woman Aka Wolfen Ninja

Wrath of Silence

Wu Tang Magic Kick

Young Hero of Shaolin Pt 2

New on TubiTV for September 1, 2020