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New on TubiTV for January 12, 2019

Movies Courtesy of Nicolas Winding Refn

bynwrSpeaking of Drive, its director, Nicolas Winding Refn, is making available curated selections of classic indie and exploitation films – some restored under Refn’s personal supervision – free to view at his website Themes include “Regional Renegades” featuring Bert Williams’s moonshiner drama The Nest of the Cuckoo Birds (thought lost after a vault fire destroyed the negative and Bert’s personal print was stolen from his storage unit, but a print was discovered in an abandoned theater in New York), Dale Berry’s Hot Thrills and Warm Chills (starring Lorna Maitland and “Bubbles” Cash), and Joseph G. Prieto’s Shanty Tramp. “Missing Links” features Dennis Hopper in Curtis Harrington’s dreamy Night Tide, Ron Ormond’s fire-and-brimstone-and-Commies scare flick If Footmen Tire You What Will Horses Do? and J.L. Anderson’s Canton, Ohio indie Spring Night, Summer Night. “Hillbillies, Hustlers and Fallen Idols” features Larry Jackson’s Cottonpickin’ Chickenpickers (sadly, the cinematic swan song for Sonny Tufts, Tommy Noonan, Greta Thiessen and Lila Lee) and Ray Dennis Steckler’s Wild Guitar. Announced as future additions: House on Bare Mountain, Chained Girls, Satan in High Heels and The Maidens of Fetish Street. There’s plenty of accompanying material so all serious students of obscure exploitation film history should take note.

Watch Free Movies on IMDB FreeDive


More free movies (just what we needed, right?) are on IMDb’s new FreeDive service, available through the IMDB web page and on Amazon Fire devices – the Amazon Firestick home page, for example, today was promoting Ryan Gosling in Drive (naturally), which played straight from the home page without any need to download an app first. Indeed, the IMDb Freedive app was already listed under Your Apps & Channels. Current selections include Action and Adventure (such as Run Lola Run), Based on a True Story (such as Foxcatcher), Comedies (like Junebug), Dramas (like A Raisin in the Sun), Date Night Picks (like…errr…True Romance? Okay…), Movies for the Whole Family (like Fly Away Home), Chills and Thrills (like Exorcist: The Beginning), Sci-Fi (like Gattaca), Hits of the ’80s (like, errr, Miami Connection, for certain definitions of Hits of the ’80s), plus TV shows (like Fringe) and IMDb Originals (like No Small Parts).

Sure, you’ll have remembered me mentioning many of these titles as already available on other free streaming sites, but you can also seeIMDb also isn’t afraid of including a few more esoteric choices.

New & Free on VUDU for January 8, 2019