August 10-12, 2019: Sword & Sorcery Marathon on Shout! Factory TV Live

Sword & Sorcery Schedule

Don’t miss Shout! Factory TV’s three-day marathon of Sword & Sorcery titles starting at midnight Saturday, August 10 and streaming through Monday, August 12, featuring the fantasy epics Wizards of the Lost Kingdom, Sorceress, Deathstalker II, Amazons, Hawk the Slayer, Hercules vs. the Hydra, and for all you MSTies out there, the Mystery Science Theater: 3000 episodes Merlin’s Shop of Mystical Wonders, Cave Dwellers, Hercules and the Captive Women, Steve Reeves in the sequel Hercules Unchained, Magic Sword and Outlaw of Gor.

The marathon’s cornerstone event is a daylong Dungeons & Dragons campaign that uses set pieces from these films, featuring celebrity talent like Deborah Ann Woll (True Blood), Todd Stashwick (Gotham, 12 Monkeys) and Tiffany Smith (Geeking Out, Supernatural).