Leaving Netflix on June 1, 2021

New in May on The Film Detective

This month, The Film Detective presents special features accompanying its release of what is surely a contender for the worst rip-off exploitation film of them all, Fist of Fear Touch of Death, a pseudo-documentary that repurposes footage of Bruce Lee as a child actor, asks you to pretend that some swarthy guy with a handlebar moustache could ever be mistaken for a Bruce Lee look-alike, and unconvincingly tries to splice one of its subjects into archival Lee interview footage. (To make it worse, the guy looks like he’s jonesing real bad the whole time.) The filmmakers grabbed an interview with Fred Williamson at some kickboxing tournament and dragooned poor Adolph Caesar into being your talking-head host long before his stage and screen triumph in A Soldier’s Story. You have not lived until you’ve seen this movie and appreciate just how tawdry and incompetent a film cash-in can be, and if you have, you’re bound to enjoy the behind-the-scenes insights from the assembled interviews. With bonus original trailer!

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