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New on Crackle for 11-1-17

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Leaving Crackle on 11-01-17

New on Crackle for 7-6-2017

joedirt2Crackle is the Sony streaming service that shows movies (as well as original series, such as Martin Freeman in StartUp) free with commercials. Caveat to Amazon Fire Stick users: when I tried watching Crackle movies on my Fire Stick the sound was out of synch, and one movie didn’t even play in the correct aspect ratio. Both problems disappeared when watching on my Sony Blu-Ray player, however (which makes sense since they’re both Sony products). A friend reports he had no problems with Crackle on his ROKU, either. In any case, you can see movies here you can’t find anywhere else, including the original movie Mad Families with Charlie Sheen, and that Joe Dirt sequel you’ve been waiting for.