New on Hulu for March 20, 2023

Leaving Hulu on April 1, 2023

UPDATE: Hulu has apparently been spending today resolving the issues with the Expiring list, incrementally adding the missing titles across their various apps. As of this writing, the last two missing titles have been added to the Hulu website, after previously emerging on the Amazon Firestick app. So it looks like the entire list is expiring April 1. Thanks for bearing with us.

Note: The titles in italics are on Hulu’s press release but for some reason are not showing up in the Expiring section of My Stuff. But since it doesn’t make a lot of sense that they’d be getting rid of Home Alone and Home Alone 3, but not Home Alone 2, not to mention the third Mummy movie, and since some of these titles are expiring on other services the same day, I’m including them all out of an abundance of caution.