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New on Shout! Factory TV for 12-2-17

The Christmas That Almost Wasn'tShout! Factory continues to pile on the Christmas cheer with Christmas for a Dollar and The Christmas That Almost Wasn’t

*(See update for Amazon Fire Stick and Roku users)


A Note on Shout! Factory TV Updates (ATTN: Fire Stick and Roku users)

In case you haven’t noticed, while Shout! Factory TV has continued posting new Streetwalkin'movies at the beginning of each month, the Amazon Fire Stick and Roku apps haven’t been updated since September. I contacted Shout! Factory’s technical support, and it’s a known issue that they’re working on:

The third party company that monitors and refreshes our content on devices like Amazon Fire Stick and Roku have been having technical problems. According to our contact, they’ve identified an issue within one of their tech tools that is used to update apps. Unfortunately for our app and other partners of theirs, this means that the apps are not refreshing content, even though we are delivering appropriately. I’ve been assured that the engineers are prioritizing this fix and are hoping to give us an ETA as soon as it’s available.

So in the meantime, I’ll keep posting the new titles for those who don’t mind streaming them over the Web, and as soon as the app issue has been resolved I’ll let you know.

Halloween ’17 on Shout! Factory TV

Your treat from Shout! Factory for October: A heavier-than-usual bag full of scary goodies, including the obligatory Mystery Science Theater episodes – and a genunine rarity from Donald Cammell.