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UPDATE for Amazon Fire Stick Users: Workaround for Shout! Factory TV

MST3K: Legend Of Boggy Creek*See notice regarding the Shout! Factory streaming app for Amazon Fire Stick and Roku users. It would be nice if I could report that for Christmas or New Year’s this issue with streaming updates had been fixed, but for now if you want to see all the new updates since September you’ll have to use your browser. But I’m pleased to no end to be able to announce:

A WORKAROUND! Amazon has introduced a version of their Silk Browser for Amazon Fire stick. It’s a little clunky (you have to move your cursor around with the direction controls on your remote to get to the address bar or anywhere else you need to click), but I tested it and it streams Shout! Factory movies just fine. So knock yourself out watching recent additions like Donald Cammell’s WHITE OF THE EYE or the new crop of titles for January.