New on Shout! Factory TV for November 30, 2018

Note: Several titles have been removed from the Shout! Factory site – but instead of just collapsing the list, there are blank placeholders left in their place. So are they coming back sometime? Who knows, but the missing movies are Alien Opponent, Nicole Kidman in the Brian Trenchard-Smith classic BMX Bandits (in theatrical and VHS Vault editions),  Dead Cert, Kevin Smith: SModimations, Scanners II: The New Order and Scanners III: The Takeover.The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour: Christmas Special (December 21, 1969)

In addition, Shout! has relabeled some of their titles so they may now appear elsewhere in the list if you’re searching for them:

They’ve added the prefix “Classic Wrestling:” to four of their wrestling titles: Blood, Sweat & Bruises, Brawlin’ Beauties 2, Brawlin’ Beauties GLOW and Lone Star Shootout. So these will be grouped together now whether you look in the All Films or Recently Added view. (However, the names of The Glory Days of Wrestling and The Original GLOW: New Interviews haven’t changed.)

Also, several titles have been changed by adding “The” to the beginning, so for example Kentucky Fried Movie is now The Kentucky Fried Movie (same for the VHS Vault The Last Unicornand With Commentary versions.) Same for several Mystery Science Theater: 3000 titles, so that Hellcats are now The HellcatsGiant Spider Invasion is now The Giant Spider Invasion, and Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies is now The Incredible well you know the rest.

New on Prime for November 29, 2018